The Meatiest MemeCoin Ever!

BaconBitCoin is the memecoin that beats all other memecoins.1 Our goal is to bring the fun back to the Cryptosphere.

Mission: To have a coin that everone shares and hodls. We hope people will acquire BaconBitCoin and share them, introducing people to the world of TRX and Cryptos in general. We'll also be randomly giving away BaconBitCoin to TRX users, completely unrelated to the amount of TRX they have.

All you have to do is:
Get BaconBitCoin! Share BaconBitCoin!


Huge Profits!2


1995 Come up with BaconBitCoin. Complete

2009 Wait for Crypto Currencies to be invented. Complete

2017 Wait for easy way to create new coins using a smart contract, like Ethereum. Complete

2018 Wait for easy way to create new coins using a smart contract, like TRX. Complete

Late 2018 Get everyone to buy, share, and hodl BaconBitCoin, ushering a new era of peace love and understanding. Not Yet Complete

Wait for my delivery pizza to arrive.NOT YET COMPLETE!3

1 Except for Dogecoin. Dogecoin is still the coolest crypto out there, but BaconBitCoin is a close second. If you don't like Dogecoin and you have some, you can sent it all to me at DPUe68cxa5ZwmLgvZtix5uuoFioBZp8ewo.

2 Ok, technically, BaconBitCoin has no intrinsic value, is not an investment, it's pretty much a joke, etc, so back off, Mr. Lawyer. If a bunch of people start trading this coin, it might have some value, but that's not the original intention. So there.

3 I mean, seriously. It's been almost an hour and I'm really getting hungry!